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The technology behind advanced art fixtures may be highly complex, but the installation instructions for framing projectors are not. Of course, this is not the case with every manufacturer’s art fixtures, but Phantom designs its fixtures to be as minimalistic and simple as possible so that they can be placed by anyone.

And this simplicity does not affect the fixture’s capabilities or power in any way. On the contrary, as Phantom’s art fixtures are among the most powerful and versatile available on the market.

Even professional technicians are often frustrated by the design behind art fixtures. In general, not much has been standardized in this area, so most fixtures require a lot of trial and error to set up properly. In response to this issue, Phantom has created its installation instructions for its framing projectors to be as intuitive as possible.

All that has to be done is to find a place for the fixture, place its housing in the ceiling by affixing the fixture to the ceiling joists, attach the junction box and run the wire, and put a few pieces together. The mounting cradle is secured to the rotator ring, the light is secured to the mounting cradle, and a cover plate is placed at the bottom to finish off the job. If a homeowner has any trouble with the process, though, Phantom can provide expert assistance along the way and ensure the homeowner doesn’t waste their effort on a botched placement.

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