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Optical framing projectors are considered to be the most technologically advanced type of accent lighting equipment on the market today. They are available from several manufacturers. By far the most sophisticated version available, however, is produced by Phantom Lighting and marketed under the name Phantom Contour Projector. Though the installation needs to be carried out by a licensed electrician, many customers are curious about the process of installing an optical framing projector.

Framing projectors are today’s preferred method of illuminating fine paintings, as well as three-dimensional abstracts and sculptures. As the name implies, these devices are capable of capturing a crisp outline of the object on display by directing a precise beam of light at the piece. The patented Phantom Contour equipment further enhances the splendid display by creating the famed “lighted from within” effect.

Phantom framing projectors are made of aluminum and offer superior durability. Most products in the line are recessed into the ceiling and virtually invisible to the casual observer. Unobtrusive cover plates can be painted, wallpapered, and textured for a perfect adaptation to the current ceiling design, without large holes or interruptions in flow. These exceptional devices allow the art on display to shine while all technical processes, no matter how sophisticated, quite literally play out undercover.

Although casual observers would never suspect it, the Phantom Contour is fully adjustable and removable for cleaning and maintenance. This is thanks to its unique universal rotating ring, and a fully adjustable mounting cradle. Installation is relatively simple, and Phantom lighting agents are available to assist in the process if needed.

Generally speaking, the mounting of framing projectors is completed in eight basic steps:

    1. Locate the projector in ceiling using the formula provided in instructions.
    2. Cut an opening into the ceiling using the enclosed cardboard template (most Phantom models measure 12-14 inches in diameter), pull the wiring and connect it to the device.
    3. Place the projector housing into the opening and secure it with the mounting clips and plastic retainers provided. Pull the wiring through the housing.
    4. Install the junction box by connecting the wires.
    5. Snap on the mounting cradle.
    6. Situate and secure the flange ring to point in the direction of the display piece.
    7. Install the projector onto the adjustable mounting cradle, set focus and adjust shutters or template.
    8. Attach the cover plate (and optional glare shield) to fit flush with the ceiling.

Phantom framing projectors rise above competitor’s models through the implementation of three light confinement methods: adjustable aluminum shutters, hand-cut brass templates, and theatrical gobos. These features greatly increase flexibility and adjustability. Best of all, Phantom Contour products are available in a highly competitive, affordable price range.

If you have any questions about the Phantom Contour Projector, please give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form.

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