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As a manufacturer of recessed lights for fine art, I am frequently asked, “When should I use the recessed top access housing to install a Phantom Contour Projector?” If you have attic access, this is the time to consider using the top access projector housing. Otherwise, use one of our other recessed projector housing types.

The top access housing for our contour projectors is the most custom and most difficult installation technique to master. That is because it requires two people to perform the installation and a custom template must be cut to mask the light to fit the art.

Phantom Lighting manufactures five different framing projector housings to cover most applications. Our new construction projector housing is the most popular for ease of installation and adjustment.

recessed light for fine art

The top access installation is by far the most sophisticated recessed light for fine art lighting as only the small tube penetrates the ceiling and can hardly be seen. That eliminates the need for a ceiling access panel or exposed cover plate. In the illustration to the right you can see the small black projector cone in the top left hand corner aiming towards the art. Once the focus has been set, the installer will paint the cone to match the ceiling. The installer is using an existing recessed light as a means of passing the slide to his helper in the attic. This is what makes this type of installation challenging to first time installers. We invite you to read our template cutting instructions to learn more about the procedure. Other installation methods allow you to use the user friendly shutters to adjust the light shape and save time, without sacrificing the final results.

Feel free to contact Tom Kretzschmar using our request form or call toll free at 800-863-1184 if you have any questions about our lighting products, or to discuss which model is right for your application. We have lighting agents and lighting manufacturer agents in over 40 States to serve you locally. They can answer your questions, provide literature or arrange for a demonstration. Let us know what we can do to help – we have experienced technicians ready to share their knowledge about fine art lighting with you.

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