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The difference between a boring display and one that shines is often interior cabinet lighting. A lot of homeowners assume that ambient illumination is enough for a display, but they eventually find that this is an inadequate, unattractive way to show off a collection.

Ineffective illumination cannot render color properly or provide the kind of contrast that is needed to bring attention to the display. What is needed are high quality fixtures built into the display and directed at the shelving.

interior cabinet lighting

Phantom’s interior cabinet lighting includes some of the most powerful LEDs on the market. The Elite and Ultra are extremely intense, though they can be pulled back with dimmer controls that allow for any brightness setting. This power is best harnessed by placing the fixtures behind a piece of trim that conceals the LEDs from direct view. Phantom offers glare shields with the fixtures that soften and diffuse the look as well, so instead of a harsh, direct beam, the display is filled with a warm glow. So, instead of turning every subject into an intense ball of glare, the entire shelving arrangement is brought out from the surrounding space, turning the entire display into a worthy centerpiece.

Maintenance and operation are a snap as well, because LEDs are the longest living fixtures on the market. At 50,000 hours of performance, LED systems only require occasional replacement and produce zero throw heat, making them safer than other illumination systems. With a set of premium fixtures, a homeowner will never have to worry about outfitting their display again, as such a system will provide beautiful illumination for many years.

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