Ivory collections are some of the most beautiful displays in the world, but they are also a challenge to preserve and light properly. Because the material they are made from is organic, it will deteriorate in the presence of moisture, heat, and intense light. Illumination designers have to keep this in mind when assisting a homeowner who is setting up fixtures for their display. It’s not just about the perfect fixture placement, it’s also about placing the perfect fixtures.

When lighting ivory collections, control is paramount. The homeowner should be able to dictate the output level of the lights at all times. If the fixtures are too bright, they will cause the material to bleach, which will often remove finer details that should be preserved. Keeping the lighting low is therefore a focus of the installation. This can be done with dimmer controls and glare shields which blunt the hard edges of the light and keep hotspots from forming. However, only a select few premium fixtures are compatible with both technologies, and Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights are among them.

Not only are Phantom’s LED fixtures easily controlled, they also emit close to zero heat, so they will not affect the integrity of the subject. And with their concealable profile, they can be arranged in a variety of ways. These features taken together make for the perfect display lights, even when handling delicate materials like ivory.