Kitchen undercabinet lighting can provide an extra bit of color and function to the room. Modern xenon and LED technology makes this form of illumination a realistic choice for most homes because they are efficient and highly customizable. This is a far cry from just a few decades ago, when incandescent puck and fluorescent fixtures were the norm. Compared to xenon and LED, these fixtures are impractical and ill-suited for this task.

Puck incandescent and fluorescent fixtures are not ideal for kitchen undercabinet lighting because they can be seen from certain angles. Wiring and voltage transformers may also be present, marring their look further. They also direct illumination poorly, so they tend to create a lot of distracting glare. Finally, they are difficult to customize, even with something as simple as a dimmer switch.

Phantom’s LED and xenon fixtures, though, are perfectly suited for this kind of installation. Phantom offers several LED and xenon strip fixtures, most of which can be completely concealed from sight. They direct their radiance away from the person, so they don’t blind people with their brilliance. Instead, they use the reflective surfaced normally found in the kitchen to diffuse illumination throughout the room.

LED and xenon are highly efficient and are safer than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. Phantom’s LED technology, in particular, is extremely efficient, producing a strong 40 lumens with just 0.6 watts of energy. LED and xenon can produce a range of color tones, from the tried and true warm incandescent hues to pure white. This makes them better at color rendering, a helpful perk to have when preparing food. Phantom also builds every fixture to order, so an electrician or designer will be able to fit them perfectly into their spot.