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Homeowners are always looking for that extra touch to make a room stand out more, and LED concealed cove light fixtures can be that simple flourish that adds so much more to a space.

In recent years, there has been a trend to use illumination in the room’s nooks, creating an effect that looks like there is an outlining to the room. It’s a powerful effect that when used right, can make a room feel larger, more organized or just bolder.

LED Concealed Cove Light

Phantom offers a few types of LED concealed cove light fixtures, including the extremely powerful Elite and Ultra lines of diode strips. Diodes have become the source of choice in the last decade or so as they offer unmatched efficiency, complete versatility and are safer than any other technology on the market. They are typically installed close to the ceiling inside of nooks created by molding or other architectural features. When in operation they emit a soft spread of illumination from their concealed spot, making the room appear as if its edges are glowing. This radiance is feathered using glare shields and careful lamp positioning, so it does not produce harsh edges or uneven intensity. It’s meant to blend into the room’s overall aesthetic and create a soothing, gentle feel.

The Elite and Ultra strips are especially easy to work into the rooms look as they can be customized to output a range of colors and color temperatures. The Elite and Ultra strips are both easy to set up, so a professional installer will have no trouble attaining the look a home or business owner is looking for.

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