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In the past, designers have shied away from LED cove lighting because of the low lumens output and poor color rendering that plagued previous LED technology. With the advent of Phantom LED festoon lamps, however, building cove lighting has evolved to entirely new heights.

Our festoons output 45-50 lumens each, while operating at only 1.7 watts of power. This allows LED replacement festoon lamps to effectively improve previous lamping technologies and offer builders, homeowners, and commercial property managers a cost effective, high end accent light source that is characterized by minimal energy use, low heat output, and exceptionally long lamp life that drives down the frequency and costs of lamp replacement.

There are two factors that contribute to making our cove LED accent lighting fixtures more energy efficient than incandescent or xenon equivalents. The first reason is the nature of LED bulbs themselves, which typically use anywhere from 60-80 percent less power than incandescent bulbs. The second factor that goes into our amazing energy savings comes from the proprietary design of the Phantom festoon lamp.

Phantom LED Lamps run on 12VAC and is built with three one-half-watt LED bulbs featuring tight color binning and a CRI of approximately 80. Standard beam spread is 120 degrees, but for special cove lighting applications, 60 degree beam spreads can be custom manufactured. All festoons are completely dimmable as well, giving the end-user control of both brightness levels and energy usage.

Another advantage our LED energy saving lamps offer is the minimal heat output that allows the fixtures to operate for longer periods of time and keeps room temperatures at a constant without inflating cooling costs. Our festoons are built with an integrated thermal design that dissipates heat on the back side of the circuit board.

Only a fractional amount of heat ever reaches the front of the lamp—roughly equivalent to that of a 1 watt incandescent. This combined with the unusually long lifespan of LED in general, gives our cove lighting lamps a 50,000 hour average lamp life when comparing LED lamps to other festoon light bulbs. This is more than twice that of xenon and approximately four times as long as incandescent.

The new generation of Phantom LED strip lighting now gives the interior decorator total wish fulfillment when it comes to accenting interior room color. A variety of color temperatures exist from which the interior designer can choose. Warm white 2950K, 3500K, 5000K, and daylight 6500K represent a full gamut of color temperature selectivity. For decorators looking for the closest approximation to xenon, the warm 2800K offers a robust accent light source that can compliment both residential and commercial venues.

CM series linear fixtures are just as versatile and unique as our festoon lamping design. All fixtures are custom-built to client specifications. Three custom trim profile options are available for the architect or builder to choose from, and eight popular painted colors guarantee a seamless blend with surroundings. Each trim option can be field cut or notched to achieve a radius or irregular shape. CM series fixtures make ideal accent lights for domed ceilings and serpentine coves.

Our LED under cabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas, which in turn distributes these specialty linear lights through a nationwide network of lighting supply channels, distributorships, and sales representatives in cities such as Rhinelander, WI (RHI), Yakima, WA (YKM), Windsor Locks, CT (BDL), Mason City, IA (MCW), Sault Ste Marie, MI (CIU), Binghamton, NY (BGM), Lawton, OK (LAW), Pasco, WA (PSC), St Cloud, MN (STC), and Hyannis, MA (HYA). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to subscribe to our RSS feed or call a contact us toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of our accent lighting fixtures for art and display applications. You can also request literature on our main website, visit our mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and Phantom Lighting FAQs located on our lighting blog. All of these resources contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

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