With LED display lighting for lead soldier collections, it is possible to illuminate hundreds of pieces at once, whether they include battalions marching in lockstep, or small skirmishes of fighters exchanging blows. People who collect these small models don’t just want them for their appearance or rarity. They also offer an excellent opportunity to exercise the imagination. Some go so far as to set up a massive action scene that takes up an entire room. With so much effort put into gathering these models, it only makes sense that they be illuminated properly.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures are considered by many to be the best LED display lighting for lead soldier collections available. That’s because they produce an intense level of illumination that can be softened using glare shields and precise metering. This means that hundreds of pieces can be illuminated with a single run of fixtures without having to worry about glare.

If the models are placed inside a cabinet, Phantom’s fixtures are a perfect fit concealed behind a piece of trim mounted to the leading edge of the shelving. If placed on a platform outside of the cabinet, the fixtures can be mounted along the edges of the platform and bathe the setup in sharp illumination.

The only thing limiting Phantom’s diode fixtures is the vision of the model owner and installer, but with a creative eye, diode fixtures can impart even more drama and energy into a display.

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