Few illumination techniques have the impact of lighting art from within with optical framing projectors, and this kind of system is almost as creative as the painting or sculpture they are designed to display. While many displays are designed to pump as much illumination as possible into the display, this technique is more surgical, honing a sharp beam of halogen illumination until it is shaped to the subject. It’s a method that is even compatible with extremely intricate sculptures, or displays that include multiple paintings.

Experts Use A Variety Of Techniques For Lighting Artwork

As soon as a homeowner sees the fixture itself, they will realize the high quality involved in the technology. Lighting art from within with optical framing projectors requires some of the most sophisticated fixture technology available, and is comparable to the powerful stage fixtures seen in professional venues. Still, even with their sophisticated housing, lensing apparatus, and MR16 halogen lamp, they can be completely concealed inside the ceiling or on a tall piece of furniture.

To get the shaped the effect, either a pair of adjustable shutters or a custom metal slide has to be attached to the front of the fixture. The mask only allows a portion of the beam to pass through, and when framed properly, the unmasked portion of the beam only extends to the edges of the subject. As a result, only the subject is illuminated, and not the surrounding walls or ceiling. With so much visual contrast, the result is a piece that appears to be glowing. Others may think a fixture has been installed behind the piece, but the truth is more elegant than that.