Why Cabinet Lighting is Necessary?
Cabinet lighting, by definition, is the illumination of the interior of a cabinet. By implication as well, it also refers to the illumination of the contents of such a display.Such a display can exist for purely ornamental purposes. We often see fine antiques and curios showcased in antique reproductions and tall cabinets with non-mirrored back planes. Other displays may serve a more functional purpose, as we see in residential kitchen cabinets that are built with windows that allow you to see view the fine cookware and dinnerware stored within.Regardless of the intent of the display, however, custom cabinet lighting solutions are needed regardless. Even the brightest of room lights are insufficient when it comes to lighting a closed interior space that is often covered by a glass plane in the front. Add to this the presence of vertical styles and shelves, and you can see very quickly how any attempt to light contents with an external light source would result in much of their surface area being obscured by shadows.

Such shadows are even more pronounced and magnified if housed behind closing doors. Glass windows will still dim the light to some degree, and the wooden frame of the door itself creates a criss-cross of obstructions to light. It is clearly evident then that display cabinet lighting is an absolute must if you are going to create any type of showcase or display that offers clear visibility to the observer and contributes aesthetic value to the room.

Most designers agree that the best source of display lighting can be found the form of linear strip lights that mount on the interior surfaces of shelves and door frames. Phantom low voltage cabinet strip lights are the best of their kind for this type of application because they are custom-built to the exact dimensions of the surfaces on which they mount and offer a multiplicity of lamping options that are fully dimmable and super energy efficient.

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