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Thorough lighting factory assistance is often needed for complex display projects, as aesthetic illumination has to be precisely arranged and installed. And with so many fixture options to choose from, even experienced designers may need help from time to time. Phantom has made ongoing support a primary goal, and with its client-first approach, Phantom will answer any questions and solve any issues that come up.

Phantom’s lighting factory assistance can help everyone from homeowners to expert installers and architects. A representative can check fixture prices, order parts from a supplier, provide detailed technical and photometric data, and suggest products that would fit best into a particular display. The goal is to speed up the installation process, and Phantom’s representatives are industry trained and have worked as illumination dealers. This means that a call to Phantom is immediately handled by someone who knows illumination.

If a designer or architect needs a certain product configuration, Phantom’s team can provide several customization options. Fixtures can even be cut to a certain set of dimensions so that they fit into the display seamlessly. Optical framing projectors can be built with long throw lenses for distant subjects. LEDs are available in a range of colors and color temperatures. Phantom’s fixtures are designed to be flexible and versatile, and it starts with the people putting the fixtures together. Display illumination can be a tricky thing to execute, but with Phantom’s experts standing by, every project will exceed expectations and be on time.

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