The Phantom family of lighting products is the go-to source for cabinet lighting ideas suitable for any scenario. Collections of figurines, libraries and cherished treasures of any kind are destined to come to life with the power of distinguished illumination.

The company offers multiple solutions for consumers’ illumination needs, including options for adjustable shelf and fixed shelf lamping, as well as furniture, kitchen, corner and under cabinet lighting.

According to the individual situation and effect desired, Phantom strip lamps can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Ribbon lamps further increase flexibility by adjusting to the outline of the furniture’s framing. Trim and color choices as well as additional options such as dimmer controls further contribute to an entirely customizable illumination project.

Low profile fixtures and a lack of visible wiring ensure that the beholder’s focus concentrates solely on the collection on display, without the distraction of bulbs and other intrusive parts. Thanks to Phantom’s state-of-the-art mounting techniques, heirloom and antique furniture can be fitted without damage to the cabinetry.

The company’s cabinet lighting fixture ideas incorporate low-watt bulbs that maximize energy efficiency while creating spectacular luminance that is safe to the showcased contents. Available with xenon, incandescent or LED technology, each illumination project results in a superb display of impeccable quality and precise workmanship.

In special cases where customized advice is needed, an expert assessment by Phantom agents guarantees immaculate installation and unequaled customer satisfaction. This individualized service is especially applicable to situations involving one-of-a-kind pieces of hardwood furniture.

No matter how challenging an illumination project appears to be, Phantom finds the ideal solution for each customer’s unique needs, allowing the client’s treasured collection to sparkle with unprecedented elegance and grace.

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