Phantom Projectors transform the science of lighting installation into the art of illumination. In the past, lighting installation professionals shied away from projectors that required complicated lens selection, large fixture enclosures, and the necessity to cut custom templates. Projectors had a bad reputation before Phantom Lighting entered the market. Now, however, our patented technology has changed the nature of fine art lighting, not only with proprietary lighting techniques, but also by improving process flow for lighting installation professionals. Our reputation continues to grow from coast to coast as more and more installers choose Phantom over every other form of fine art lighting projector because of its sophisticated delivery housed in robust, easy-to-install mountings.

Each lighting installation is a unique experience in customized environmental improvement. Art lighting, for example, requires precise angles to prevent glare and shadow. Most complications with traditional projectors result from the limitations innate within traditional fixtures and lenses that make it difficult to precisely adjust the optimal level of light. Phantom Projectors resolve these issues with sophisticated, highly flexible components that allow for precise beam placement and pinpoint photometric adjustment. In virtually every lighting installation, the Phantom projector will beam exactly the right amount of light onto the art or sculpture without excess spill light or diminishing shadows. To achieve this effect, the lighting installation team will first darken the room to replicate nighttime conditions. This is imperative to find the right levels of light required for the task. Installers then systematically work to position the lighting fixtures for precise beam spread and luminosity, producing the “lighting from within” effect for which Phantom Projectors have earned world renown.

While it is true that Phantom projectors are simple to install, we recommend that homeowners and curators hire professional lighting installation consultants to achieve optimal results. Damage often results from do-it-yourself attempts to mount projectors in rooms with tall ceilings. Placing the lighting fixture too close to the wall impairs the projector’s ability to properly aim. Builders and electricians, while technically skilled in electrical installation, often make this mistake unknowingly due to a lack of experience in fine art lighting. The fixture then requires relocation, and the ceiling has to be repaired at additional cost after the fact. Phantom lighting installation experts can prevent this needless expense by positioning the projector at the best possible location the first time. They then work systematically to achieve the proper beam spread that forms the foundation for any successful lighting installation. Because each job is a custom project, the lighting installation team will also draw upon a vast inventory of unique and specialized bulbs. With literally hundreds of options ranging in all sizes, shapes, and colors, lamp technology has evolved into not only a science, but also an art form unto itself. These factors converge like a beam of light onto the subject, creating the magical lighting effect that has remarkably differentiated Phantom products as one-of-a-kind to our industry.

Phantom professionals have made a career of fine art lighting. Throughout the Houston area, which serves as home to our corporate headquarters, the wealthiest art patrons and professional art galleries come to Phantom whenever they need cutting-edge technology applied with the subtle and classic grace of fine art. Call us today to see how we can light your world in a better, more convenient way.