Nothing shines like minerals and gems when they are properly lit up, but these subjects offer a challenge when setting up lights. With their propensity to sparkle and shine, it is possible to use too many fixtures, or to ruin the look with poorly placed lights. The thing to remember is that every light will create a reflection, which can look nice if managed properly. However, it takes an expert eye to get it right, and high-quality fixtures to meter the light precisely.

Minerals and gems naturally form into hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors. It’s this variety that makes for an interesting display, and it’s this variety that the fixtures need to take advantage of. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights are formatted perfectly for this purpose because they can be customized to emit brilliant, natural white light. And with their extremely compact design, they can be hidden and placed in several arrangements. So, instead of overpowering the subjects with gaudy looking lights, they give every subject a clean spot of bright neutral illumination to work with. This renders the subject’s color perfectly and makes every piece look like part of a museum exhibit.

And with Phantom’s adjustable fixture design, the Elite and Ultra can be moved around with ease, allowing for regular rearrangement of display shelves and cabinetry. It’s just another mark of versatility from a set of fixtures that are defined by their flexibility.

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