When it comes to displaying art, few methods are as effective as lighting paintings with optical framing projectors. These fixtures are adept at showing off a variety of subjects, and though there are some challenges with shaping illumination, the visual effect is worth overcoming any obstacles.

Specifically, contour fixtures are designed with a masking attachment that eliminates any illumination that isn’t directly trained on the face of the subject. This means that the art is bright while the wall it is mounted to is not, creating a stark effect that will draw attention to the artwork.


There are often some challenges with lighting paintings with optical framing projectors, but Phantom has managed to eliminate them with a couple smart design choices. Oversized art continues to be a significant challenge for installers, but Phantom’s fixtures can be set up to work in tandem and metered so that there are no scallops. Some homeowners also worry about halogen fixtures causing radiation or heat damage to delicate oils and pigment. Phantom’s contour fixtures are placed a safe distance away from the subject, so there is little chance that the halogen fixture will cause any damage. What halogen does well is render color faithfully, making it an ideal choice for precious artwork.

Phantom can also provide a unique fixture model for buildings receiving new construction, or in buildings that offer no bottom or top access. If you want a new way to look at your artwork, Phantom’s contour fixtures are the perfect choice. Once set up, they will brighten up the art to the point that it gets the recognition it deserves.