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Lighting shelving is as much a creative endeavor as any art form, and when done right, it can have a major visual impact. Normally, these fixtures are used for display purposes in a variety of cabinetry, and to look right, they have to be made with quality components and technology. It’s not enough for the fixtures to be exceptionally bright. They have to be controlled, subtly metered, and versatile.

There is a stark difference between garden variety fixtures at a retail store, and the expertly crafted fixtures that an illumination design firm like Phantom offers.

lighting shelving

The most important consideration when lighting shelving is how the fixtures will be arranged. Most homeowners opt for fixtures that are concealed behind a piece of trim. These fixtures are aimed toward the back of the cabinet, striking the front of the display subjects with powerful illumination. This arrangement works best with cabinetry that has a matte backing, so as to reduce glare. Cabinetry with a mirrored background will benefit from side mounted fixtures to avoid glare.

Aiming the fixtures is also critical, and is best accomplished with one of Phantom’s aiming trims. Aiming trims are capable of paring down the illumination so that it only emits into certain angles, ensuring that the subjects, and only the subjects, are illuminated. This helps reduce glare, prevents hot spots, and ensures even illumination across the face of the display.

Of course, it helps to have a fixture that produces consistent output, which is why Phantom only sources its LED fixtures from a single manufacturer that subjects its lamps to extensive binning. Together, the focus on quality and positional flexibility means Phantom’s fixtures can work with nearly any cabinet, and with nearly any display.

This is only one way rooms that can be greatly improved by Phantom Lighting products – we also illuminate residential librarieswine cellars, or any room in your house that has display cabinets, architectural coves, or fine art!

Our LED lighting products are manufactured in-house, so we can work with you on custom projects as well. Contact the experts at Phantom by calling toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form.

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