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Although it’s a bit of a challenge using LED display lighting for silver collections, the effort is worth it. And it has nothing to do with the diode fixtures. Illuminating metal is more difficult than other materials because it is so reflective. If the fixtures aren’t positioned properly or are too intense, the metal pieces will look like fixtures themselves, bouncing so much illumination that it will take away from the look. Fortunately, there are a few methods Phantom has available that can overcome this issue.

Reducing glare is usually about positioning the fixtures correctly and softening the illumination so that it isn’t focused on any one area. When installing LED display lighting for silver collections, it is best to offset the fixtures so that they do not bounce glare right back into the observer’s face. And by offsetting the fixtures, it is possible to maintain the brilliant luster that precious metals are known for. Glare can also be reduced with glare shields, which slightly diffuse the illumination and make it more uniform over the beam’s spread. Glare shielding isn’t always the best choice for materials that aren’t highly reflective, but with metal, they can be highly effective at maintaining a high level of output without bouncing too much glare. By using these simple techniques, it is possible to show off precious, lustrous metal without having to worry about blinding people with their brilliance.

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