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Masking Light for art is a great method to achieve specialized and custom fine art illumination!

Masking light for art is a great method and one of the most effective techniques for setting up a beautiful artwork display in your home and office. Of course, securing the right fixture and placing it in the correct spot is also essential, but even the most advanced fixture needs to be adjusted before it is ready.

Illumination can be a tough thing to wrangle, and the dimensions of the art, ceiling conditions and electrical wiring will often be an additional challenge to overcome. However, once you see the power of Phantom’s custom hand cut template or adjustable shutters designed for masking the light, the planning will all be worth it.

masking light for art

Phantom can provide one of several options when masking light for your art. Most choose from a custom template or a set of adjustable shutters for their home, and both have their place. Adjustable shutters are typically used with rectangular or square shaped subjects. They can be readjusted on the fly to accommodate a new painting, and are compatible with a large variety of sizes. A custom template is a better option for uniquely shaped subjects like sculptures and are crafted to fit the piece’s edges perfectly.

Shaping the beam to the subject is a powerful technique when executed correctly. The idea is to keep the beam from illuminating the wall around the subject, producing a high level of contrast between the subject and its surroundings. This creates a backlit effect that is rarely found, even in professional settings. In your home, it will make for an instant conversation piece.

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