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Moveable LED shelf lighting is the future of display illumination, and it offers an impossible to beat combination of efficiency, power, control and flexibility. Those are just some of the reasons why the technology is finding its way into homes and businesses around the country. However, its impact is difficult to appreciate until you see it in person.

And it truly can’t be appreciated until you’ve seen how adjustable it is. Fact is, there are many display fixture options out there designed for cabinetry, but Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are some of the few that can be adjusted after installation.

Cabinet Lighting is now renowned for it's unique "Lighted from Within" appearance.

So, how adjustable is Phantom’s moveable LED shelf lighting? They are as adjustable as the shelving they are attached to, capable of providing a range of looks. This is possible because they don’t utilize exposed wiring. It takes special expertise to wire a set of fixtures up, and it’s not safe for a homeowner to do it on their own. And when it comes time to rearrange the furniture, the wiring has to be dealt with. In short, this means standard fixtures are extremely frustrating to reposition, so most homeowners don’t even bother. Of course, that may just not be acceptable for a homeowner that likes to switch up their display cabinets often. For those people, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are a safe, beautiful option that can work in just about any arrangement.

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