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The power of high quality shelf lighting products cannot be underestimated, and homeowners that see them in action will immediately realize why. Everything looks better under beautifully metered illumination, and with the right fixtures, a homeowner can even get that striking museum look that really impresses.

But that’s not a look that off the shelf fixtures can offer, and any designer worth their salt will say the same. The best way to handle a prized display is to pair it with high end fixtures that have been custom fit to the display, whether it’s sitting in a cabinet or exposed from every angle.


Phantom’s shelf lighting products include many technologies, but its Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ones that stand out. That’s because they offer all of the power that homeowners need while providing several options for greater versatility.

For example, Phantom is one of a select number of manufacturers that offer adjustable fixtures for cabinetry. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures are made with a low voltage system powered using buss bars. With no exposed wiring present, the fixtures can be moved with the display and can be done so without any fear of injury.

Phantom can also provide alternatives in situations where the Elite and Ultra are not appropriate. Recessed fixtures and projectors are other popular, effective choices among homeowners, and a Phantom Lighting designer can help a homeowner run through their options to determine which would be the best way to go.

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