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One of the unique features of the Phantom Contour Projector is the universal rotating ring and fully adjustable mounting cradle inside all of our different housings. Designed with the installer in mind, the heavy duty mounting assembly is the foundation for the contour projector making it a snap to install.

The universal rotating ring is constructed of .08 (#5052) heavy gauge aluminum and is adjustable and designed for a full 360 degree rotation with four positive locking phenolic thumb knobs to secure the projector into position.

The special mounting cradle is also constructed of .08 (#5052) aluminum and has keyed anchoring slots and multiple pivoting positions for both vertical and horizontal applications up to 55 degrees. This locks the contour projector into position and allows the projector to be removed for servicing and cleaning.

Every detail of the Phantom contour projector has been refined so that you will get years of performance and enjoyment. More than just a light fixture, the Phantom contour projector delivers the mood and magic that you would only expect from quality accent lighting fixture.

When it comes to professional lighting art, nothing is more impressive or visually effective than an optical framing projector. A hidden light source with a controlled beam of light precisely illuminates the canvas. Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so that anyone can complete the install. The options we offer make this LED projector one of the most versatile and best art lighting fixtures on the market today.

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