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Is it true that LED’s cost approximately 5 times as much as other forms of lighting?

The initial, front-end cost of LED lamps is indeed 4-5 times higher than other lamps, and they are worth every penny you spend.

When you consider the extremely low power requirements of led lamps (only 20% of other lamps) and their extremely long lamp life (50,000 hours), the accrued back-end savings quickly returns the initial investment.


Phantom LED cabinet lights can last up to ten years, so you will not need to worry about replacing them any time soon. They are also the safest form of lighting you can use. They produce none of the UV radiation emitted by fluorescent lamps and only trace amounts of heat. This makes them ideal for illuminating any number of sensitive materials and/or items.

I have heard that LED lights are not as bright as other bulbs. Is this true?

It is not true with our LED cabinet lighting strips. While it is true that many generic LED lamps produce only 5-10 lumens each, Phantom lamps produce up to 50 lumens of safe, brilliant light. Phantom LED lighting strips also provide a full spectrum of color temperatures in order to accommodate both functional and aesthetic lighting demands. Warm white (our incandescent equivalent) begins at 2950K and ranges upward to a more bluish, daylight white at 6500K. The mainstay colors that defined the earliest LED’s—green, red, and blue—are also available in similar temperature colors.

What can Phantom LED cabinet lighting strips be used for?

Phantom Lighting technology is designed to add value to both residential and commercial displays across the board. Works of art, exquisitely tailored clothing accessories, and even rare documents in museum displays can all be brilliantly showcased using Phantom LED linear lighting strips. You can decorate virtually any cabinet, cove, or bookcase with our lighting strips. The added benefit of adjustability offers you the freedom to periodically change displays without altering the intensity of the light or damaging electrical components.

Do Phantom Lighting Strips make dependable, retrofitted upgrades for fluorescent, incandescent, and Xenon strip lights?

Yes, and Phantom even offers an entire series of LED cabinet lights specifically engineered for retrofitting. The AE (Adjustable Exposed) series is manufactured to custom fit exposed metal tracks and to use them as power conductors in a complete circuit. This provides the seamless equivalent of a tailor-made product in spite of its function as a retrofit component!

With the growing push for LEEDS certification, and California’s recent ban on incandescent lamps, now is the time to start thinking seriously about retrofitting antiquated lamping technology. Call us for more information, or click here for details on two important considerations you need to take into account when retrofitting any display lighting product.

Do you offer anything for new construction builds?

Yes. Our AC series is the preferred strip light for new cabinet build outs. “AC” stands for “Adjustable Concealed” and combines a low profile, near-invisible source of light that enables the new homeowner or commercial tenant to see the light, not the fixture. Because the AC series employs custom buss bars that conduct power to each adjustable shelf, the fixture itself is completely concealed from the eye of the average viewer. It has become a fast favorite among custom homeowners who prefer pins and drilled holes to exposed metal supports. The AC series can also be special-ordered with either solid metal trims for horizontal applications that require additional decorative highlighting, or it can be custom cut with a variety of specialty trims for custom under cabinet lighting or applications above eye level.

To learn more about Phantom LED cabinet lighting strips, click here to read the full article on the LED Lighting Section of our main website. Likewise, you also contact a Phantom Lighting Sales Representative or contact the Phantom Customer Service Department toll free at 800-863-1184 X 125.

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