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What are some power-saving benefits of Phantom LED lamp technology?

Phantom LED lamps produce far less heat than other light sources and provide a tremendously longer lamp life than their incandescent and Xenon festoon lamp counterparts. Clients with sensitive materials will find an even greater value in the cool burning temperatures of LED lamps.

Phantom LED lamps are also extremely versatile and can be used for custom cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, sensitive and/or high-end display lighting, as well as any other high performance linear strip lighting project.

What wattage low voltage festoon lamps are Phantom LED’s designed to replace?

Our LED lamps have been designed as the ultimate technological replacement of 5 to 7 watt incandescent and Xenon festoons. In California, legislation has already mandated incandescent light bulb replacement by 2010, and other states may soon follow suit with similar laws of their own. In the meantime, commercial clients may serve themselves now by investing in Phantom low voltage LED lamps to obtain LEEDS certification in their respective industries. Requiring only 1.7 watts of energy, the Phantom LED lamp will operate on 12V AC and is completely dimmable. This gives it market versatility from a lighting designer’s perspective.

How can Phantom LED festoon lamps be used in residential applications?

Residential clients consistently praise Phantom Strip Lights as the best source of linear strip illumination they have ever utilized to adorn collectible displays, coves in vaulted ceilings, rare books and ornate shelving, and even certain forms of antique furniture. Each Phantom LED lamp in actuality consists of three ½ watt, tight color binning LED’s with a CRI of approximately 80. The combined, resulting output is 45-50 lumens depending on color temperature.

How much heat is created by Phantom LED lamps?

Sensitive objects are perfectly safe when illuminated with Phantom LED lamps, so displays may be left on for extended hours without risk of overheating. This is because Phantom technology is amazingly self-contained. A ribbed thermal design dissipates heat on the backside of the circuit. This not only prevents forward radiation of heat, it also produces the superior conductivity necessary to produce high lumens of output at extremely low wattage.

Can I use Phantom LED lamps in my existing linear lighting system?

Yes, Phantom LED lamps can be used in any 12 VAC low voltage linear lighting system that is designed for use with Xenon or Incandescent festoon lamps. Because the Phantom LED lamps have such a low amperage draw modifying the existing wiring is rarely an issue. As long as you have a 12 volt system with a magnetic transformer (alternating current), the Phantom LED lamps function as a simple plug and play option.

Where can I purchase Phantom LED lamps in my area?

Phantom lighting is sold through traditional marketing channels throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America. I would recommend that you contact a lighting representative in your area or contact the factory toll free at 800-863-1184 X 125 for a color brochure.

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