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Phantom has made its lighting installation instructions so simple that even a novice can complete the job in a single afternoon. All that’s typically needed for the job is a screwdriver, a drywall saw, a putty knife and some paint. No heavy duty or commercial quality equipment is required, and as long as a homeowner is comfortable running wiring, everything will come intuitively. This is because we have designed our projectors with a focus on usability, because not every homeowner wants to wait on a crew to do the job for them.

Phantom projectors come with lighting installation instructions, and no part of the process should be difficult to grasp. While the Surface Mount (SM) series is mounted to the ceiling directly, most of our optical framing projectors will need to be placed inside the ceiling. After a homeowner decides on the best place for the projector, they will need to cut out a hole for the housing and fish the wire through the space. The housing is secured inside the ceiling using wooden supports, mounting bars attached to joists, or with nylon retainers.

Once the projector housing is secured, the wiring is directed to the junction box and the housing is attached to the rotator assembly. By now, all of the essential components have been placed, but it is recommended that the homeowner adjust the projector to produce the right spread of illumination and place custom trim to keep the projector out of sight. This is just a cursory introduction to placing one of our projectors. We ensure that every homeowner is taken care of during the setup process, and our experts can help resolve nearly any issue a homeowner may run into.

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