The Phantom lighting installation manual makes the process easy for people of all skill levels. This is a rarity in the illumination industry, as most fixtures require special knowledge to handle. In fact, even professionals have trouble with fixtures they haven’t worked with before.

That’s not the case with Phantom’s projectors, but that doesn’t mean they are technologically inferior. It’s just the opposite, as they have several special configurations that allow for greater control and power from the fixture.


The Phantom lighting installation manual is highly similar between projector models and begins with determining projector placement. Once a spot is picked out, the projector housing installs inside the ceiling and is secured to ceiling joists, or by using a set of mounting clips and retainers. The junction box is wired up and then attached to the projector housing. At this point, the mounting cradle is secured to the housing and the projector itself is mounted to the cradle. Finally, a cover plate is placed on the underside of the projector housing, leaving nothing but a small aperture through which the projector will fire the beam through. It’s a fairly simple process that can be done right away without any special equipment. However, if a homeowner has trouble placing a projector, Phantom can provide expert help to ensure a perfect look.