Cabinet lighting fixtures, or cove illumination, are an excellent way to upgrade the look of a kitchen, provide illumination in garage workshops, or to accentuate a beautiful piece of art. Cove illumination is ideal for small, confined spaces where traditional illumination would not fit. It is stylish and functional, and able to create any mood a homeowner wishes. There are many selections to choose from with various trim options, making cove illumination extremely versatile.

When deciding on what type of cove illumination is needed, there are two main selections: festoon lamp strips and ribbons. Festoon lamp strips come in xenon lamps and LED lamps. The ribbons are ultra-efficient LED bulbs. Xenon festoon lamps will provide the most natural luminescence and do not emit ultraviolet (UV) rays, making them ideal for kitchen prep or for displaying artwork. LED festoon lamps are also terrific for the kitchen as they are maintenance free and highly energy efficient. Xenon lamps are cheaper initially, but do not have the service life that LEDs do. If ultra-energy efficient bulbs are desired, a homeowner can have the LED ribbon strips installed. These are the optimal for tight, confined spaces, and are the most flexible luminescence strip available. LEDs are one of the best illuminating options available, but they do cost more at the outset. The initial expenditure is recouped over time because of their long life expectancy.  They cost pennies a year to operate when compared to xenon bulbs and traditional incandescents.

Cabinet lighting fixtures create an atmosphere of elegance and charm, enhancing the area with their placement. Cove illumination is resilient, stable, and makes an exceptional way to brighten any home.