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Many experts specialized in picture lighting are now using projectors to produce effects that standard illumination systems aren’t capable of. This technology is more precise and more versatile than track or recessed fixtures and offers the same high level of output that people look for in their display fixtures.

Phantom has improved on the design even further, adding an additional masking method and a unique lensing apparatus that, together, improve beam precision even further.

Contour Projectors highlight fine art, not the walls.

There are a couple issues with using traditional picture lighting, but using projectors can avoid them entirely. Recessed fixtures can’t be moved after installation, making it difficult to accommodate any pieces that are added to the room later. Track fixtures can’t be dimmed or switched off or on individually, so they can be inflexible at times. Projectors don’t have either of these issues, affording maximum versatility into any setting.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is that contour fixtures are designed to shape the illumination to the subject, which requires a high precision beam and an attached mask to achieve. When done correctly, the illumination is only trained on the subject and not the surface it is on. It’s a subtle approach, yet the effect is anything but. The contrast in illumination level from the subject and its surroundings is stark and will naturally get peoples’ attention. For home or venue owners, this is the primary goal.

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