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Before selecting any illumination fixtures or planning a system, homeowners and professionals should consider talking to Phantom’s lighting experts. Even a system that makes use of the best technology on the market will look sloppy if the fixtures are not set up properly. And Phantom’s knowledgeable design and manufacturing professionals can make sure that a sloppy display is avoided entirely. In fact, Phantom’s team can be there every step of the way to offer input or help troubleshoot any issues, and can provide a number of advanced fixtures to help craft that ideal display layout.

Experienced and reputable lighting experts have a strong combination of technical and creative knowledge, and this wealth of information can pay dividends for a homeowner or professional. For instance, an architect might need a set of fixtures that can provide illumination around shelving or coves. Phantom’s team can not only suggest an ideal fixture for the project, it can also help the architect select optimal positions for the fixtures and offer customization options that will provide better results.

This guidance is especially important for homeowners, who may not know where to begin when selecting fixtures. During consultation, Phantom’s professionals can demonstrate a number of fixture options and help the homeowner sketch out the fixtures’ layout, so a homeowner knows exactly how the system will look before anything is placed. Aesthetic illumination is a tough thing to work with, so it helps to have someone that a professional or homeowner can trust to provide the necessary insight.

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