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With modern projection technology, art lights aren’t just something used to brighten up a painting or photograph, they can completely transform how a piece looks. In general, fixtures are only used to fill up space with illumination, which is not the subtle approach that display subjects require.

These graceful pieces need targeted illumination that brings the subject out from its surroundings and helps its vibrant colors come to life. Nothing accomplishes this like Phantom’s contour fixtures.


Projection systems and quality art lights are what Phantom strives to excel with. Every fixture has a powerful halogen light engine that is ideal for rendering color and still preserves the warm tones that people appreciate. Halogen is the standard for high-end display lighting, but Phantom adds another touch to frame the piece even more. Every fixture has a masking attachment that filters out any illumination that spills beyond the confines of the subject. This leaves behind only the illumination aimed toward the piece itself, so everything around is kept much darker than the subject. This creates so much contrast that the piece will appear like it is glowing and that it’s clearly defined from its background. As any designer worth their salt will tell you, contrast is the foundation for an eye-catching design, and Phantom uses this to maximum effect with its fixtures.

Phantom Lighting