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I am very interested in using your Phantom Contour Projector. However, I am not crazy about using an electronic transformer.

Do you have any models with magnetic transformers?


We recently introduced a magnetic transformer option for all Contour Projector models that uses a Q-Tran magnetic transformer. Q-Tran has a stellar track record in the lighting industry for making some of the most quiet lighting transformers on the market. The torodial design of the Q-Tran transformer provides superior voltage regulation and a 96% energy efficiency rating. A built-in thermal auto reset breaker protects the product from overloading as well as a built-in filter choke for sound reduction. All Q-Tran magnetic transformers are tested 3 times before leaving the factory for quality and safety. This magnetic lighting transformer is specifically designed for use with all Phantom Contour Projectors.

Thank you for contacting Phantom Lighting System with your specific request. We are delighted that you are interested in our lighting projector and we hope that we have addressed your concerns by adding this new feature. Many lighting designers, architects and electrical professionals prefer to use magnetic transformers over electronic transformers. We now have both to satisfy everyone.

If you need more information on Phantom Contour Projectors or our Phantom strip lights, please contact us at 800-863-1184.

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