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With low profile adjustable display lighting, home and business owners have a lot of wiggle room when setting up cabinet fixtures. When someone invests hundreds, even thousands of dollars into high quality cabinetry and premium fixtures, they expect a perfect look.

Every little flaw will stick out like a flashing beacon, but if you are working with inflexible and outdated fixtures, it will be difficult to get the setup looking just right. But home and business owners shouldn’t have to settle for these obsolete fixtures because Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED low profile adjustable display products offer superior flexibility and the most modern components on the market. This means they can easily be integrated into shelving without sacrificing the aesthetic quality of the fixtures.

low profile adjustable display cabinets

There’s no way around it – if you want to maximize the look of an installation, the fixtures will have to remain out of sight. The lamps themselves aren’t attractive and should remain in a concealed position at all times. Some fixture models are too large to hide effectively, but Phantom’s low profile and adjustable display lighting is streamlined enough to be easily hidden.

And if a home or business owner opts for the flexible version of the Elite and Ultra fixtures, they can move the fixtures around at a moment’s notice without professional assistance. Overly rigid fixtures are common in the industry, as open wiring makes it difficult to rearrange fixtures once they have been placed. The Elite and Ultra, though, can be powered using an alternative system, one that can easily be reset if cabinet shelving is moved around. With these clever design marks, a single installation can offer a near countless number of looks, saving the home or business money, and giving them extra design options.

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