Recessed art projectors are considered the top display illumination option available to homeowners, and though they need to be set up just right, Phantom makes it easy with their range of customization options.

Lighting is a challenging thing to control, and most fixtures aren’t designed to be highly precise, especially fixtures intended for home use. For the longest time, this meant that homeowners had to rely on less-effective options to display their paintings or sculptures.


Phantom’s recessed art projectors represent a major step away from this trend. They are designed for creative applications and are made to be as versatile as possible without giving away any power in the exchange. This means that there is a Phantom display light for just about any home and any subject.

If a homeowner values concealment, Phantom’s display fixtures can be hidden. If power is a concern, Phantom’s halogen light sources are intense and perfect for color rendering. If a homeowner wants a polished, unique look, Phantom’s display fixtures excel in this area. With a special lensing apparatus, advanced optics, masking attachments, dimmer controls, and an adjustable mounting cradle with rotating ring, the fixture can be placed just about anywhere. This will achieve the eye-catching look that these display fixtures are known for, and the kind of versatility that no other fixture can offer.