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Recessed Lighting For Your ArtRecessed lighting for your art is typically used to add an artistic flair to a room, but it is also adept at providing crisp, functional illumination.

They are usually placed along the edges of a room to make the space feel larger and warmer. These recessed lights for your art produce softer illumination, mostly because the bulb is shielded from direct view. This makes them ideal for intimate settings and venues like museums and art galleries. They are built into the ceiling, so they need very little room to function. Fortunately, recessed framing projector fixtures produced by Phantom are custom built for every installation, so they are ready for immediate placement.

Recessed lighting for your art are normally installed in modern, traditional and urban homes, though they can be placed in any space that needs a design upgrade. Recessed lighting for your art tend to function better when placed along the edges of a room, about eighteen inches to two feet away from the wall. Here, recessed lighting can brighten up the room, giving the illusion that the walls are being pushed back. This makes the room feel larger and more inviting. These fixtures produce more compact beams of radiance, so an installer will need to place several to adequately brighten up a space.

These fixtures are perfect for drawing eyes to a piece of art or other subject. Because they cast warmer, more dramatic illumination, they can bring attention to a wall hanging or standing piece. This is why they are often found in museums and art spaces.

These fixtures can be fitted with incandescent, LED or halogen bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are popular for their warm illumination, but halogen and LED fixtures are more energy efficient. No matter the choice of bulbs, this type of lighting will give any interior a fresh look.

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Recessed Lighting For Your Art

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