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Retail display LED lighting that is adjustable eliminates one of the biggest problems business owners have with setting up product arrangements. When a shop owner first sets up their store layout, it only seems natural that illumination will play a major part in the finished look.After all, sophisticated and inviting illumination is one of the best ways to draw people into the store. However, reality will soon set in once products are changed out. Most commercial fixtures are not flexible in the slightest and require a lot of effort to rearrange once installed. As a result, many shop owners abandon the idea of aesthetic illumination altogether, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Phantom offers powerful retail display LED lighting that is both adjustable and concealable, a pair of perks that nearly all other fixtures don’t bring. This flexibility is possible because Phantom’s diode fixtures don’t use open wiring to deliver power. Instead, the system consists of electrically conductive components that double as shelving supports and anchors. So, instead of bringing in an electrician every time new product is brought in, merely reset the shelf supports and the fixtures are ready to go again. It takes a miniscule amount of effort compared to traditional wired fixtures, and a shop owner loses nothing in illumination quality or reliability either because Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures are among the highest quality fixtures on the market.

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