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When setting up contemporary art, the room’s lighting has to be taken into account. Homeowners often rely on a bold piece to act as a space’s centerpiece, but poor illumination will leave it looking dull and lifeless.

The way the room is organized and how the piece looks will also dictate what fixtures will work best, though there are usually several options available to a homeowner.

Setting Up Contemporary Art Lighting With The Right Fixture

Every homeowner needs to ask a few questions before they can settle on a fixture. Do the fixtures need to assume the same aesthetic as the subject? Many homeowners prefer stainless steel fixtures with contemporary art, as this lighting builds a cohesive look. Does the piece have a frame? If so, a fixture may be mounted to the piece itself. If not, can a fixture be mounted to the ceiling or wall? Rooms that feature brick or concrete will pose an impossible challenge for recessed fixtures, though surface mounts, like track fixtures, will likely work well.

If the subject is particularly large, this will also complicate the installation to some extent. For especially long or tall pieces, multiple fixtures may have to provide the illumination, and this requires a finer touch. Finally, what kind of look does the owner prefer? Do they want a large wash of illumination? Recessed down fixtures and track fixtures are effective in this situation. Would they rather confine the illumination to the face of the subject and build extra contrast? Then Phantom’s contour projectors should be the fixture of choice.  Selecting the right fixtures isn’t always easy, but careful planning will almost always ensure the perfect fit.

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