Shelf lighting isn’t just a throw in, it is an essential element of a sophisticated display, and a homeowner should consider fixture options appropriately. How is the display arranged? What kind of aesthetic does the homeowner want to maintain? How static will the display be?

The answers to these questions will narrow down the fixture options a homeowner has, but an illumination designer can provide needed insight into the process, and offer fixtures that might not be easily available.


There are a couple things that shelf lighting must always offer. They must be powerful enough to draw attention to the display, and they must be immaculately metered so that there are no flaws in the look. The only way to get both is with high-quality fixtures, such as Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixture technologies. Both are among the brightest LEDs on the market, and because they are made with LED technology, they will last much longer than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, and will maintain their color as they age.

Phantom offers several fixture models, including a vertical and horizontal mount option, as well as an adjustable option that is ideal for displays that are cycled out regularly. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures require no technical expertise or tools to manage, making them some of the most powerful and intuitive fixtures available. Which system works best in a given setting will depend on the display’s layout, but no matter how challenging it is, Phantom’s experts can devise a solution that works perfectly.