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If a homeowner wants to showcase adjustable LED lighting in their home, Phantom can provide the technology and the expertise. More and more homeowners are catching on to what display illumination can do for a space, but it can be a chore setting it up. We manufacture a host of custom LED cabinet lighting products.

And once it is installed, it can be even more difficult to move it around if a homeowner wants a fresh look. This frustration is what inspired Phantom to create its Elite and Ultra cabinet lighting fixtures that could easily be repositioned with shelving.

adjustable led light

The best reason to showcase adjustable LED lighting in the home? It’s the most convenient way to provide a sophisticated lighting display for pictures, books, and anything else that can fit on a shelf. There are a lot of fixtures out there that are designed for cabinets and shelving, but they are almost always reliant on exposed wiring to deliver power to the lamps. This is a problem when it comes time to move the shelving, because only an electrician can safely reposition the fixtures. This means setting an appointment, waiting for the technician to arrive, and waiting while they reconfigure the wiring system. This adds to the bottom line of operating the system.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode strips instead use a combination of concealed drivers, buss bars, and conductive contact pads to maintain a safe circuit that requires no exposed wiring to function. Once it’s time to reposition the shelving, the conductive shelf supports just have to be repositioned along with the shelves. This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to powerful, versatile illumination.

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