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With the right specialty art lighting, any display can be made into a unique work of art on its own, but it takes some expertise and planning. In recent years, high-quality fixture technologies have been added to the market, some of which are specifically formatted for displaying paintings and sculptures. And though they have been around for a while, many homeowners still haven’t heard about optical framing projectors, which are easily available online and can offer a look that most people haven’t seen before.

Optical framing projectors are among the most robust forms of specialty art lighting, mainly because they can focus a sharp beam of halogen illumination into nearly any space. When masked properly, they can produce shaped illumination that contours to the subject’s edges, illuminating the subject and the subject only. That produces a glowing effect that will make the subject stand out starkly from its surroundings. And halogen is the best form of illumination available when it comes to color rendering, so the true color hues in the subject will be represented faithfully. In fact, most of Phantom’s clients are surprised by the incredible vividness that an optical framing projector can impart into a painting or sculpture. Put it all together, and it’s the most powerful way to represent all kinds of creative subjects, no matter the setting.

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