Specifying the right optical framing projectors for an art lighting job is perhaps the most important part of the installation process. Artwork is a challenge to illuminate as no two pieces are exactly the same.

Choosing the wrong fixture could result in colors in the artwork being off, too much glare bouncing off of the piece, or there may be too little light, causing the subject to slip out of view. Avoiding these problems should be a top priority for any home or venue owner.


Phantom can help with specifying the right optical framing projectors for any setting. In fact, Phantom is uniquely qualified for this because Phantom produces a range of contour projectors. These contour fixtures are for particular settings and can overcome some of the more common challenges that may come up during installation.

The TA series is ideal when there is no way to access the fixture from below. The RM and NC series are for homes undergoing remodeling or construction. The FF series is the best choice when a zero sight line installation is necessary. Phantom’s fixtures can fit spaces that competing models are too big for, and they can be customized to fit just about any piece of artwork. It’s this intense focus on the details that makes Phantom the favored choice among expert installers.