Strip lighting is one of the most versatile tools in an electrician’s or designer’s arsenal when it comes to aesthetic illumination. These fixtures can be placed nearly anywhere and are built to remain out of sight. This low profile is coupled with high quality radiance that produces a colorful, entrancing effect. Because they fit into a compact space, they can be placed just about anywhere, though they are usually installed in kitchens, display cabinets, workspaces and in commercial settings. Businesses, like restaurants, hotels and office buildings, prefer them because they can help produce an air of professionalism.

Phantom offers a number of strip lighting products, including concealed and exposed designs. Phantom’s Adjustable Concealed (or AC) models can fit seamlessly into shelving and stay out of sight. Adjustable Exposed (or AE) models are integrated into the furniture and are designed to complement the furniture’s look.

Incandescent, xenon and LED lamps are all popular fixture choices for this purpose. Incandescent illumination is perfect for intimate setting or for adding warmth to a prized collection or cozy space. Xenon and LED technologies are both found in highly efficient fixtures that can produce a range of color temperatures with low amounts of power. These fixtures are often found in creative and commercial spaces because they can be customized to produce pure white illumination.

While many manufactures produce these fixtures, Phantom’s are the superior option for important reasons. Every single one is built to the owner’s specifications so they can fit an area of any size. They are also easy to modify further if, for any reason, they don’t fit just right. Phantom’s models are also more efficient than their competitors, saving money and enhancing illumination quality.

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