When a space requires an aesthetic boost, indirect cove lighting can provide that extra decorative touch. This form of illumination is growing in popularity as technology makes these fixtures more efficient and easier to customize. They are designed to be placed out of sight where their soft illumination can create a warm glow across the ceiling or other architectural features. To accomplish this, designers often use a number of strip and ribbon fixtures, each consisting of many xenon or LED festoon lamps.

Indirect cove lighting can fit just about anywhere, from behind furniture, to under cabinets, to ceiling overhangs. Strip fixtures are ideal for display cabinet illumination and can also add a professional look to a commercial building like a bank, hotel or restaurant. No matter the size or shape of the installation area, it is now possible to produce fixtures that fit perfectly. Not every company strives to customize their products to each installation, but superior manufacturers like Phantom do. By working with contractors and designers directly, they build each fixture to precise measurements and specifications. The result is a strip or ribbon fixture that fits the space perfectly. This ensures the device stays out of sight and produces the right amount of illumination.

Xenon and LED technology are the most popular choices for this application because they are highly efficient and customizable. Xenon fixtures can produce pure white illumination that’s ideal for rendering color, while LED can produce a range of tones from white to the warm orange glow that incandescent fixtures are known for. Not only are they custom made for a good fit, Phantom’s LED fixtures are particularly efficient. Each lamp only needs about half a watt of energy to function, however, they can produce a brilliant 40 lumens’ worth of radiance, which is about twice the industry average.