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Under cabinet lights are upgrades many homeowners choose as they provide extra illumination for any work surface. From kitchen countertops to a garage workbench, this fixture is typically installed on the bottom of cupboards and shelving to assist in eliminating shadows and dark spots frequently occurring in such settings. Their placement is ideal for providing additional brightness to the area while remaining out of the way.

These fixtures are available in a range of types and styles to meet virtually any needs. They are available in a rounded puck format for a more direct target, or a linear style made up of a rectangular strip for broader coverage. The latter varies in length for different surface area dimensions. Depending on the color, intensity, lifespan and energy savings desired there are a few types to consider. Incandescent are low cost and easy to find, but they use more electricity, whereas fluorescent fixtures offer energy reduction and dimming options. LED bulbs typically withstand more than 10 years of use and require minimal energy.

For maximum functionality and visual appeal, the homeowner may choose to speak with an experienced professional to ensure the proper under cabinet lights are chosen and placed correctly. Their knowledge will be helpful in selecting the appropriate fixture for their specific needs and determining any additional wiring and equipment that may be needed to complete the project. From plug-in options to hard wired units, professional installation can typically be performed in a suitable time frame within a given budget. Those with some wiring experience can usually handle the installation themselves.

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