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Although the tactics have changed a lot over the years, traditional art lighting is still essential for bringing out the best in every painting, photograph, sculpture or any other creative piece.

In fact, it is possible for homeowners to get a look that rivals museum and gallery exhibits, something that will be sure to draw attention from onlookers. To get there, though, takes some careful consideration and possibly a consultation or two with an illumination expert.

Cabinet Lighting is now renowned for it's unique "Lighted from Within" appearance.

Frame mounted fixtures are still a standard choice, though they are a risky form of traditional art lighting in many situations. Older oil canvases can break down quickly in the presence of excess heat, and this is something that incandescent and halogen fixtures both struggle with. For this reason frame mounted LEDs are becoming more popular, though LEDs still have a way to go when it comes to color rendering.

Halogen illumination is still the best for displaying creative subjects, so recessed and ceiling mounted fixtures are usually the lighting of choice when working with paintings. Eyeball fixtures and wall washers have been around for a while, but they are still strong options for this purpose.

In the future, more properties will turn to optical framing projectors for creative purposes as they offer a powerful combination of technical superiority and a unique look. Optical framing projectors, though, require careful planning in advance and technical skill to implement correctly, so a homeowner should consult with an expert when working with projectors.

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