The impact that lighting can have on trophy cabinets is incredible, as properly placed fixtures can create a brilliant look. No matter the sport or activity, these mementos are made to be displayed, with lustrous metallic finishes and intricate designs. Premium lighting is a natural pairing with these subjects, but it has to be set up correctly or there will be an overabundance of glare. The wrong fixtures can also make the display appear off, altering the color of the subjects or taking away their beautiful sheen.

Phantom’s Vertical Mount (VM) series of LED lights are usually the best fit in trophy cabinets, primarily because these display cases are built with glass shelving. Because glass shelving allows transmission of light, installers try to meter the fixtures so that they don’t fill the case with too much illumination. The VM series is ideal for this approach because it can be shaped using one of Phantom’s aiming trims. With an aiming trim, the fixtures will remain out of sight and will emit illumination in angles ranging from 83 to 186 degrees. The VM series, like Phantom’s other lighting technologies, can be managed further with dimmer controls. Ambient illumination can greatly affect how the display looks, and its intensity will change as the day progresses from morning to night. Dimmer controls help even this lighting intensity out and ensure the display looks the way a homeowner intends at all times. This level of flexibility is hard to find in a fixture, but it’s standard for Phantom’s LED technologies. And with it, a homeowner can show off their prized mementos the way they deserve.