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Some of the most attractive under cabinet lighting uses xenon fixtures, as people appreciate the warmer hues that these fixtures produce. But while they are primarily used for aesthetic reason, these fixtures can also make things like preparing food and cleaning even easier. Normally found in the kitchen or around a workspace, these fixtures aren’t designed to overpower other illumination in the space, but complement it instead.

In and under cabinet lighting adds ambience to kitchens.

The idea is to blend it into the room’s aesthetic and give it a sophisticated edge.

This is easy to do with under cabinet lighting that uses xenon illumination because it offers that familiar incandescent look. With its warm hues, these fixtures work well with wood and most décor. But blending them in to the room means keeping the fixtures themselves out of sight. No one wants to see a metal strip of bulbs, and Phantom avoids this problem with its ultra compact strip fixture design. They are easy to conceal behind a simple piece of trim, which can also direct the illumination to where it needs to go, like toward the backsplash or softly along countertops.

As the day goes on, homeowners may want to change the intensity of the fixtures. Phantom makes this easy with dimmer controls that allow for precise calibration of the system. Using the controls, a homeowner can get a bright look during the day and a soft, intimate look at night. With this level of control, a homeowner can keep their kitchen looking exactly the way they want it to, no matter what time of day it is.

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