Undercabinet lights can add the final touch that makes a room feel complete, and they are especially impactful in a kitchen or workspace. These fixtures are typically placed above a kitchen countertop or workbench area, and provide illumination that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Some homeowners prefer them to the harsher exposed fixtures installed in the ceiling as they produce less glare. Phantom’s strip fixtures are also compatible with dimmer systems and can be equipped with glare shields, so they are gentle and visually pleasing.

Undercabinet Lights Can Be Used In A Kitchen Or Workspace

For a long time, the only undercabinet lights in widespread use were incandescent pucks and fluorescent fixtures. While they are still in homes across the country, xenon and LED fixtures are quickly replacing them. That’s because LED fixtures are highly efficient, produce almost no heat and last much longer than other fixtures. This makes for a safer, more reliable and less expensive installation.

Phantom’s LED strip fixtures are among the most powerful on the market, so they can be worked into just about any space. They are designed to remain concealed, so they are most effective when there is a spot to hide them in the installation area. If there isn’t one available, Phantom can provide a piece of trim that will offer ample room and an attractive way to hide the fixture.