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Understanding Cabinet Lighting Components

Throughout Phantom Lighting’s decades of experience with cabinet lighting, our systems have emerged as the premiere option on the market for display lighting in the finest homes and businesses.

Phantom’s series of cabinet lighting systems are complex, but certainly not impossible to understand. In this article, we will explain the function of each component of our cabinet lighting systems.

To the right is a line drawing of our Elite/Ultra Adjustable Concealed (AC) Series cabinet lighting with some of the important features highlighted.

Lamps: Phantom’s cabinet lighting series is available with several different lamps styles. The classic series is made up of individual festoon lamps, which may be powered by Xenon or LED technology. Our Elite and Ultra series are made with LED light tape that is available in a range of wattages and color temperatures.

Aiming trims: Aiming trims conceal the fixtures from view and only allow them to emit into predetermined angles, keeping the illumination from going where it shouldn’t by shielding the light. This helps control the flow of light from the display and ensures proper metering. In terms of shielded trims, trim 3 is our best-selling option.

  • Before a homeowner can integrate LED cabinet lighting fixtures into a set of shelves, they may need to install cabinet light moldings to provide adequate concealment. Aesthetic fixtures are designed to create a visually impactful, beautiful look, but this isn’t possible if the fixtures remain visible after installation. They aren’t intended to be seen directly, and they can overwhelm people with bright illumination if they aren’t properly shielded. Fortunately, Phantom can provide a piece of trim for nearly any furniture or shelving arrangement, and establish a concealed spot for the fixtures.
  • Other than protecting the fixtures from view, Phantom’s cabinet light molding are also designed to shape the illumination to better fit the display. That’s because they block off certain angles of illumination and ensure the fixtures only project into a certain area. This makes it easier to control the display’s appearance and keep the illumination perfectly metered.
  • Phantom’s assortment of Elite custom trim options can be fabricated to fit any display mounting orientation and Ultra custom trim options will do the same. They both can be cut to a specific set of dimensions and covered with a veneer that matches the design of the surrounding furniture. This ensures a seamless look that won’t draw attention. With proper concealment, it is also possible to soften the fixtures so that they produce the warm, gentle illumination that is both agreeable and sophisticated.

Lensed Trims: For applications where it is necessary to diffuse reflections from certain surfaces, like bookshelves with reflective backing or those with lots of framed photos, lensed trims are very helpful in concealing the individual festoon lamps or LED diodes in the tape. In terms of lensed trims, trim 9 is our best-selling option.

Dimmer controls: The ability for a customer to control the output level of the light in a display allows for a much more comprehensive viewing experience. Light levels can be lowered to create a more dramatic mood or raised to enhance the details of the display.

Color temperature: Choosing the right color temperature is very important when designing a display because color temperatures help set the tone of the overall design. A warmer light evokes a more cozy and inviting feel, while cooler lights feel more modern and industrial. A complementary color temperature only enhances the beauty of any objects on display. For more artistic applications, our LED tape is also available in several monochromatic color options, like blue, green, or red.

Glare shields: Depending on the material of a display cabinet or shelving system, especially the glossy appearance of many antique woods, the individual festoons in the classic series or the diodes in the Elite/Ultra series can be reflected on the back surface of each shelf, creating unsightly hotspots. Glare shields scatter and soften the illumination so that it is evenly dispersed throughout the display and eliminates the possible of hotspots or distracting shadows.

  • Cabinet light shields are some of the most important pieces in any fixture and help to convert any dull display into a professionally-designed area. LED and xenon stripes are fantastic additions to any kitchen or room, but their utility can only go so far by themselves. These bulbs need the addition of some very carefully selected accessories and pieces in order to get the absolute most out of them.
  • There are many advantages in using these types of accessories, from the mounting to the quality of diffusion. Many homeowners who attempt to create their own displays will overlook the importance in concealing the bulb or strip, which is where trim comes in. Trim helps to hide the fixture, while also helping to scatter and soften the source. Rough edges are smoothed out with the addition of some simple trimming options. These can also be customized to fit any color or length, making them the perfect addition to any existing space.
  • Phantom provides homeowners and designers many options when customizing their own fixtures. Cabinet light shields themselves are the perfect solution for bulbs that need a solid housing means and for situations where glare is a real problem. Properly scattering and diffusing the illumination source is key in removing any overly saturated dark areas on the surrounding surfaces.

Buss bars: Concealed buss bars are a Phantom exclusive – our heavy duty steel buss bars are concealed during construction by the contractor and engineered to perfectly align with 8 x 32 threaded holes drilled 32mm on center. This system totally hides all the wiring and allows you to use the drilled pin method of shelf support to conduct safe low voltage power to each individual light strip.

Top header kit: The top header kit is used to transition from the concealed buss bar to a wire lead. This provides a means to power the fixed light strip which is attached to the top of the cabinet.

Connector kits: Brass connector kits are a Phantom exclusive – they are designed for our adjustable shelf lighting systems to support the individual shelves and provide a hidden contact point to energize safe low voltage power from the concealed buss bar.

Magnetic drivers: All low voltage LED lighting systems use a driver to transition from 120VAC or 277VAC to 24VDC. They are sized to fit the load (total wattage) and have automatic circuit breakers that turn off in the event of a short circuit and reset when cleared.

For more detailed technical specifications and drawings, please see our library of individual product cutsheets:

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Phantom Ultra Series Strip Lighting Cutsheets
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No matter what the foundation of a project looks like, Phantom’s lighting systems are the building blocks needed to craft a stunning museum-quality display in any home or office. To get started enhancing your cabinets, please call us toll-free at 800-863-1184 for complimentary design assistance or request a quote using our online form.

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