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Cabinet lights that use LED and adjustable fixtures are considered by many experts to be the gold standard of display illumination. Diode technology is quickly overtaking all other forms of illumination, and though it still isn’t the perfect fixture in every situation, its incredible efficiency and customizability means it is the best choice in many applications. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures, for example, both produce a staggering amount of output while remaining extremely flexible during installation.

Of course, what really makes these fixtures stand out is their unique design that uses minimal wiring. This design means that Phantom’s diode strips can be moved with shelving using nothing but a little elbow grease.

It may not seem like a big deal that fixtures can be easily moved with furniture shelving. However, cabinet lights that use LED and adjustable fixtures can work with so many displays, that it’s almost a shame to just settle on a single display. Home and business owners are always adding to their décor and product listings, and it’s a big advantage to be able to rearrange the fixtures around to best fit new additions or a new layout. And going with diode technology means additional safety, for both the people viewing the display and for the display subjects themselves. With no heat to worry about, you don’t have to worry about books or art discoloring, or young children burning themselves on the fixtures. Versatility is an underrated aspect of display illumination, but once you have the Elite or Ultra working for you, you’ll understand why it is so valuable.

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