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LED hidden and adjustable lighting systems are tailor made for aesthetic applications, offering the kind of illumination that is ideal for displays. In the past, many homeowners have just relied on out of the box fixtures to add extra illumination to shelving and cabinets. These fixtures, though, aren’t custom made for various applications, and they aren’t as flexible.

They can’t be concealed, they can’t be rearranged, and they don’t compare in terms of power or reliability. And now that custom fixture applications are becoming more popular, many are making the switch to Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode setups.


Concealment is an underrated aspect of an effective illumination display. LED hidden adjustable lighting systems have to remain out of sight to look their best, because they offer higher outputs, compared to standard fixtures. What this means is, if the lamps are directly visible, they will overwhelm observers with their intensity.

Versatility is also a valuable trait in a fixture arrangement, as it means a homeowner can get many looks with a single set of fixtures. To get maximum versatility from a set of fixtures, they have to be easy to move around, and most fixtures aren’t. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diodes, though, can be designed in a way that makes them easy to rearrange. Instead of cumbersome open wiring, which requires an electrician to manage, the Elite and Ultra can be set up using buss bars which double as shelf supports. With buss bars, a home and business owners can quickly pick a new spot for their fixtures as a display changes. These smart additions take the already powerful and efficient Elite and Ultra fixtures and make them into a frontline solution for nearly any setting.

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